• Professional Coating Application
• Industrial / Commercial / Warehousing / Residential
• Guaranteed Materials and Labor 
• Concrete Floor Restoration
• Crack and joint Repair
• Holes Leveled
BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS Advanced Coating Solutions is a concrete floor coating and resurfacing company Located in CHICAGO, IL. Specializing in concrete restoration, including crack and joints repair, our experienced crews can restore your deteriorated concrete floors to better than new condition. We can then utilize one of our coating systems, which will make your floors durable, easy to maintain, more sanitary, attractive and chemically resistant.
Besides floors BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS are used to coat walls, containment systems, stairways and other unique concrete installations. Serving the industrial, commercial, warehousing and residential markets in the Chicago area daily,BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS crews also travel around the country for larger jobs on a regular basis.
                    Chemical Resistance-slip resistant
                    Easy Cleaning-Durable-Seamless
Specializing in industrial applications, BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS are designed to protect the concrete floors of light, medium or heavy duty traffic areas. Our flooring systems are also used for containment systems and other areas that need additional chemical resistance above that of standard epoxy flooring systems are great for machine shops, manufacturing areas and loading docks where oil and grime typically eat away concrete flooring
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