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About Advanced Coating Solutions

BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS. is a concrete floor coatings and resurfacing company located in Chicago, IL.

Specializing in concrete restoration, including crack and joint repair, our experienced crews can restore your deteriorated concrete floors

to better than new condition. We can then utilize one of our coating systems, which will make your floors durable,

easy to maintain, more sanitary, attractive and chemically resistant.

Besides floors, BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS. systems are used to coat walls, containment systems,

stairways and other unique concrete installations. Serving the industrial, commercial,

warehousing and residential markets in the Chicago area daily, BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS.

crews also travel around the country for larger jobs on a regular basis.

No job is too big for our veteran installers, so call today for a free estimate.

Professional Coating Application

Industrial / Commercial / Warehousing / Residential

Guaranteed Materials and Labor

Concrete Floor Restoration

Crack and Joint Repair

Holes Leveled

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• Professional Coating Application

• Concrete Floor Restoration

• Guaranteed Materials and Labor

• Industrial / Commercial / Residential

• Cracks / Joints Repaired

• Holes Leveled

• References Available

• Free Es​tim​ates

• Fully Insured

If You Have Any Questions, Call Me On Below Number or Connect With Me On Social Media


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