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BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS. has a Flooring System that will Fit your needs. Our systems continue to maintain technological leadership and product innovation through research and development expertise and a level of quality unsurpassed in the industry with one goal in mind, to assist our customers.

We have an exceptional understanding of our strengths and the benefits we have to offer our customers. We focus on the providing of "service" first and the "supply" of products second is our mission. After all, our name is built on this very important principle. Every person associated with BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS. is dedicated to building long term business relationships with our customers.


Designed specifically for resurfacing eroded floors, Epoxy flooring is easier and less costly than replacing concrete. Other benefits are limited floor downtime, restored smooth trucking surface, reduced damage to product and the elimination of many safety problems.


One of the many benefits of this floor is that it's high gloss finish improves safety and decreases energy costs. This flooring system is available in standard clear or a variety of colors.

Water Based and Maintenance Sealers

These coatings are formulated for industrial use where mild chemical resistance and non-yellowing properties are required. This floor will help keep the dust down to a minimum.

Overlay Systems

A 100% solids, multi-purpose, decorative floor resurface designed for areas where slip resistance, appearance and ease of maintenance are a major concern.

ESD Systems

BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS. ESD is an Electrostatic Dissipating Epoxy Overlay System. It consists of Primer WB, a water based conductive epoxy primer & ESD Shield, a 100% solids, ultra low viscosity, non-shrimk, two-component, modified conuctive epoxy top coat used as a thin or thicker build up system that complies with NFPA 99 standards of Static Dissipative. Designed for areas where electrostatic discharge is a major concern, the ESD Systems provide excellent static control properties, as well as, enhance chemical and abrasion resistance.

Decorative Quartz and Color Flake

For commercial & residential use, these decorative flooring systems are available in 16 solid colors and pre-blended colors. Custom colors & blending are available upon request.

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